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God damnit

I added a Supernatural tag to my journal.

It's inevitable now...

Maybe I'll just ruin two fandoms and cross SPN with Star Trek XI. Heheheheheh srsly D:
Title: New World Healing
Series/Spoilers: Star Trek XI
Rating: NC17 [This rating applies to the story as a whole up until now. Some chapters will be 'PG' while others will be quite whorish and filthy.]
Characters/pairings: McCoy/Spock
Summary: Kirk struggled to keep both his friends and shipmates from going to pieces.
Word count: 2161

I'm not sure this is working out...Collapse )


I'm having a lot of trouble resisting the Supernatural fandom. I'm also having a lot of trouble resisting the urge to write Dean/Castiel until my brain melts and all I can say is "Spock? Spock, who?". Gah.


More late night mid-chapter random posting without punctuation.

I am so addicted to Facebook that I immediately look for the 'like' option when reading stories and comments on Livejournal.

I should just take out the periods of this entire post.
Why is it 4:00AM?

I lol'd.

Working on a chapter...opened LJ to creep for a little while and Plenty of Fish is telling to go and find myself a boyfriend.

As if...


...I google my username. D:

I feel better for admitting how lame I am.

Good day.

The XI Kink Meme

I just popped into the kink meme community after a couple months.
I was surprised and not-so-surprised to see that it had been officially closed.
st_anon did an absolutely marvellous job over the months.
The new movie and communities like the kink meme really have done wonders for the franchise and fandom.

As a long time Trekkie, I am so happy to see the excitement that has circulated since May til now.

And to put it simply, after reading for years in the Harry Potter fandom and avoiding sitting down and writing myself, the kink meme is what finally spurred me to try. And for that, I am grateful for the many writers who inspired me to give it a shot. I am very much enjoying myself.

There is also something very satisfying to write/read for a fandom that, in terms of slash, can boast the original, actual, bonafide, you-bet-your-ass, One True Pairing, even if they aren't your preferred. Let's all thank Kirk and Spock for having so many ambiguous TV moments, shall we? :)

I hear there is a new community that has started up, so I am off to find it in the pages and pages of comments.

Oh, and, December is upon us.
Links to info detailing the Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar 2009.


Take care guys and have a fabulous week.


I can't stop listening to trashy pop music.
It's not helping me write for the Doctor Series.
...But it's so god damned catchy...

Drop it low.