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Sometimes I honestly wonder how I ever judged authors as a younger person who *~disappeared~* from all of my favourite fics. I'd constantly stalk old Harry Potter stories waiting patiently for them to come to their final conclusions. The Marriage Stone is still a story I remember even years later. And it's been all but abandoned for 8 years now with no word from the author. It's an absolutely perfect story. I'd recommend reading it if you can handle the crushing disappointment that comes with knowing it will probably never be finished.

I have grown a lot since writing the Doctor Series. My ideas have changed and the way I look at the world has changed. While I will never stop loving and obsessing over hurt/comfort fics, I don't know how I feel now about having such a heavy topic such as sexual assault as the underlying trauma to the characters. I haven't read any h/c fics with sexual violence or rape in a couple years, so I am not sure if this is something that applies to my reading tastes overall or just my writing and my stories personally. While I never explicitly went into clear details of the subject in the story, I feel as though it could be dialed back. I don't know.

Thoughts and opinions welcome on this subject, by the way.

The point of this is...I really am itching to get creative again. And new chapters are in progress. It goes without saying that the Doctor Series is my most popular fic that people seem to want more of, I am unsure if I will be focusing on it first. This is only for the reasons stated above; I still very much love the story and relationship between McCoy and Spock. But when I was 22, I had a clear idea of where I wanted things to go after my last chapter. I feel as though that may have changed.

Regardless, I look forward to jumping back into the fandom and catching up on all the great fics that have undoubtedly piled up in 3 years! This fandom has great ideas and wonderful talent.

Thank you for your patience and readership. I am glad you stuck with  me, if any of you are still out there!